About Us

We at Girls R Unique strongly believe that girls of every age deserve honour and respect. We believe when God created Eve, the first woman, out of the same rib from Adam, he did so knowing that she would fulfill a great purpose. Eve was the mother of all mankind. (Genesis 3:20)

Since the beginning of time we believe that every girl that is born is destined with a unique calling, no matter where they may be. History has shown that women have done great things despite their circumstances. Motherhood is one of those miraculous great things. We are blessed that most girls today are free to grow up, make choices and to live life to the fullest. But there are some that are still denied that right of freedom.

In some parts of the world, girls of all ages are still being misused, mistreated and killed, just because of their gender – and in some cases – they are being killed right in the womb. We believe that no one should have the right to deny anyone the right to live. Period.

Join us in our efforts to celebrate girls of all ages and to spread the positive message to each one that they are unique and have much to offer if they believe in themselves.

Each Girl is a Unique Universe ®